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Saturday, June 18, 2016
By Colin Davidson

Street Art as Fashion, could be short lived, or vastly enduring. That's all I had in mind whilst doing this shoot in which the leading colours were dictated by the Arts of the urban scape. There is a lot of passion transmitted into the walls, and that same unique passion, is tangible when it comes to fashion.

I was keen to create and define a bold and powerful urban concept with two pieces of fashion that are quite different from each other. Here we have four pictures that have certain common elements. The most notorious is the presence of Graffiti, one of the most recognisable forms of street art. The next is the harsh sunlight and the use of flash which was necessary for the bold concept that had been thought with peculiar shadows, which were defined as strong with a subtle area of projection and contrast. With regards to make up and styling. We went for a classical approach with this two, and the reason is simply because is a great compliment to the time value of fashion and street art.

Both fashion and street art can be fleetingly, or long lasting, and it all depends on the acceptance of the people in which they are located.

The first picture is a simple portrait that helps as an entrance for the viewer to the next images. The second image of the model with the dress has a very uplifting character thanks to the colour of the massive graffiti and the dress. They both have a strong personality (the graffiti and the dress), that's why the blue contour of the wall was a great happening when keeping track on the concept, because it gives a great balance to the whole message.

The outfit presented in the other two images is a more common finding in an everyday wardrobe, and the graffiti is a great compliment, but not certainly not the main character of the image.

Urban fashion is something that changes quickly, but ironically, is one of the most accepted branches of fashion thanks to its accessibility to the masses. This goes along very well with graffiti because you can find fantastic art representations in the streets for free in public locations. We are surrounded by street art in our everyday urban scenes, and almost all of us are touched by a glimpse of urban fashion as well. That's what I tried to replicate here in my photo shoot with my model Siobhan Walker.

I try to establish a solid concept with the people I work with so we can all represent the best we can the idea we are pursuing. I encourage everybody out there to plan the concepts and not leaving any detail to chance. Improvisation is allowed, because we need to have fun while working, but the essence of the concept must be very well established. Fashion isn’t something left to improvisation as well as street art, and this shouldn’t be different with Photography as well.

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