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Sunday, September 10, 2017
By Captured Occasion

So in a previous blog I talked about working with models, be it putting out a casting of your own or answering one placed by a model.

Recently I considered placing a casting, but then decided to contact a model I had previously worked with, Harriotte Lane. Harriotte in my opinion has a very bright career ahead of her in fashion, be it either as a model or which ever direction she wishes to take in that industry. It goes without saying Harriotte's attitude alone will serve her well and makes her a pleasure to work with.  

So on to the shoot itself, I was keen to get something in the diary.  Having thought about a couple of new locations, I decided we would use the abandoned Ministry of Defence base, for another shoot where there was an array of graffiti.  I knew having since shot there a few months earlier, the art works would have changed yet again and I wasn't wrong.

The shoot itself could not have gone any better, I was working with a great model and the graffiti was incredibly varied.  I would like to say a special thanks to my assistant on the day, Jessica Cornforth, who did an excellent job getting these behind the scenes shots for me.

In terms of what went well with the shoot, I would say the preparation and having an idea in advance of how I wanted the images to look.  I think the shoot was executed well as a result of this and having that additional support on hand to assist with holding the equipment around the site. In terms of lessons that I learnt, again it was around having a little more confidence with my communication and settings (particularly switching to and from High Speed Sync).

Would there be any elements to the shoot I would do differently ? Absolutely, you can always learn more and experiment more with the lighting and I think next time using an additional model may be something I might even consider.

This has to be by far my favourite image from the shoot, the colours work so well with the outfit Harriotte was wearing and I was keen to use it as a lead image for a submission.

Following the shoot, I reached out to Helmut Jeels at Street Fashion Magazzine.  Helmut had liked some of the behind the scenes images I had been posting on social media, so I hoped there might be an opportunity so send him some more images for consideration.  I was over the moon when Helmut replied with interest in the finished images, so set about on editing the full set and sharing these with Helmut.

Now its fair to say I wasn't being paid for the images, so why so keen to make a submission in the first place ?

I read an article recently arguing against making submissions, stressing that it was nothing more than a vanity thing, very little can come from these projects and it's highly unlikely that a fashion brand will come calling to ask you to do their next big campaign.  Whilst there might be some merit in some of what the article was trying to get across, I still consider much of these to be personal projects, learning and development opportunities and a chance to build my portfolio.

So be bold, get a shoot of your own organised or if you would like to tag along to my next project, you would be more than welcome to come along. I'm always interested in collaborating with other photographers and other creatives, so get in touch !

Always interested in getting feedback, so feel free to comment too.

Until next time !

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John Michael Terry - Great shots, Colin. And beautiful post-processing too, very vivid and striking. Let me know if you want a hand with a future shoot, I have some ideas I'm mulling over and maybe we could collaborate?
Colin Davidson - Many thanks John and by all means you would be welcome along to the next shoot. As you say we could even collaberate on a shoot too