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Sunday, June 26, 2016
By Colin Davidson

Portrait Photography is something I personally feel very passionate about. When creating a concept around portrait photography, I like to plan and understand the lighting around the statement that I want to transmit to the audience. Any portrait can transmit a great gamut of statements thanks to the light source used in an image. Its great to work with a minimalist style of lighting, or at least thats what I’ve learnt over the last couple of years.

Photography has evolved so much, gear is far more affordable now, its very accessible and powerful. Lighting equipment has also evolved into lightweight and very efficient gear.

Gear as an Investment

Photography is a career that started as a great hobby for me if I’m honest. I became more passionate about it day by day, and when I started to do more seriously, every expense turned into an investment. Is very important to invest in the most reliable gear your budget can afford because they are going to be your tools of work at almost any job you get. I currently work with a Nikon D750 (lenses include a 16-35mm, a 50mm and a 70 -200mm), I just don't need more at the minute, I trust them.


You can invest in knowledge as well, not everything has to do with gear when it comes to Photography. I have come to the conclusion that anyone can have the most wanted gear and gadgets of all time, but if you cannot handle them correctly, you are just not doing things right. I love to invest in workshops throughout the year to learn more about what I love the most. The images in this post are from a workshop I attended, with models Lance Anthony and Ynnah Valdez.

I was incredibly fortunate to have attended a workshop by Chris Ord ( ), who runs his own photography business in the North East of England. We've since become very good friends and his help and support have been incredible in shaping the direction I want to take my photography. Chris has a great fashion workshop running in August this year and I would highly recommend it.

Both Chris and I have a trip planned to Iceland next year, where we are looking to work together on fashion shoot. Really look forward to sharing more details about this in coming weeks as we plan our trip.

Engaging with other Photographers

This is something very few people will tell you about Photography in general, and is very important. When you start surrounding yourself with other Photographers, your passion increases, and also you can find great inspiration, advices and even support when enduring a dry period of creativity. This is the most valuable advice I can give to any amateur to experienced photographer in their lives, engage with peer Photographers. The benefits are just great. You learn from gear by just talking, about exhibitions, movies, and tricks.

Learning about Equipment

Internet is full of gear related forums, videos and articles. Grab a few reliable sources, and review them constantly to be up to date when it comes about equipment. Be careful though of becoming a gadget freak, this is just to be on aware of great offers, and innovations of equipment. One great example of the innovations that are currently making noise over the internet are LED lighting, and Mirror Less Cameras for example. Two great innovations in Photography, and they are not necessarily more expensive than the regular gear just because they are new.

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Stephen D Brian - Really enjoying your blog posts, they tell a great story with good advice and nice read about your journey as it unfolds.
Chris Ord - Brilliant blog mate really enjoying reading these! And thanks for the mention man, keep doing what you're doing and producing the great work you're producing and good things will come your way
Colin Davidson - Thanks Stephen, really appreciate you taking the time to read and comment