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Monday, July 04, 2016
By Colin Davidson

When it comes to photographing portraits, the ones which I have a huge passion for, are those made for families. Every family is different, every family is unique but one thing they seem to all share is the desire to capture lasting memories. I thank every family that have trusted my work because they give me an opportunity to create something special, be it either from a studio set up or an outdoor shoot, they all want their memories to last.

Studio Shoots

I always get incredibly surprised and satisfied when after a little while, the whole family starts to feel really confident about themselves, they relax and grow into the shoot by having some fun with it. Its great to have control of the lighting in these sessions and innovate with backdrops and props so the families get more creative in the blank space.

Outdoor Photo Sessions

These sessions require a little more planning. As I have talked before, all families are different, and they have different qualities from family to family. The most important thing about these shots, is to consider the weather conditions and sun light direction. Natural light can and does change throughout the day. This encourages me as a photographer to always have control over my gear to get good exposures every time. Some shots require a little light filling, and that's why I always carry my minimalist lighting equipment with me as its good to have that option available.

Household Family Portraits

When any family open their doors to me and my camera, the whole scenario changes. The first thing to do (after getting myself introduced to the whole family and having a great time talking a bit) is find the best places to create the ambience for the shots. When doing these sessions, we can work a small intimate session in which I record candid moments of the family just being themselves, and posed portraits of the whole family and individuals. Many families love to get the intimate shooting because it is in essence, a little reportage or documentary essay about their daily life.

Print Satisfaction

Seeing my work printed on a wall is the summit of my satisfaction. I can't explain in words how this makes me feel about my work. The only thing I can express is that I feel deeply happy and proud to see a fully satisfied family getting their memories showcased at their own home in a frame on the wall.

I think about family portraits as a great team work, in which I act as the Art Director of a play, and the stars and directors are the families itself. They tell me what they want, and I help them get the pictures they'll be proud and happy to showcase to relatives and friends over social media and prints at home.

The Barbour Family

Home portrait session with the lovely Barbour Family

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Laura - Thank you so much Colin for our family shoot. You made us feel so relaxed. I will definitely be booking another photo session! I love the final prints :)